When thinking about design, one must first consider ergonomics and how the player interacts with the guitar. A quality instrument must be comfortable to play. When a guitar is comfortable, the guitarist will talk about its “feel” and how good it feels to play. When the guitar feels good to the guitarist, it will naturally play and sound better. A good feeling guitar will always make someone play better.


Respect for the materials used in making a fine instrument is very important. As beautiful tone woods are getting harder to find, it is very important to be wise with what little we have left. Because of this, it is the focus of MAP Guitars to display the natural beauty of these tone woods and not cover it up. It is also important to understand what the various tone woods can offer to a quality instrument. This, then, becomes a simple study in physics and engineering, that works in tandem with a good design.


The idea for MAP Guitars started a number of years back, after a few old walnut trees were cut down. Experts had said that the trees were sick and dying, and would fall over soon and hurt someone. After the trees had been cut down, it was discovered that the trees were solid and healthy and would have lived for another 400 years. At that point I wanted to see the trees live again. We had the trunks milled and set to slow dry for the years to come.


It was at this point, that I wanted to have a guitar made from the wood. I thought, if I am going to have a custom guitar made, why not make it to my own design that would be more comfortable and show off the beautiful wood. But no one would do this for me. So, my wife said “Why don’t you make your own guitar.”


Challenge accepted! I then set out to learn how to build quality guitars. I also wanted to learn how to build guitars properly before I ever touched the now famed walnut. Well, I had also been bitten by the luthier bug. I found I really enjoy designing and building guitars. I learned how important it is to bring together a great design and respect for the materials you use, to create a quality instrument.
MAP Guitars is now open for business, and building custom, one of a kind guitars.




MAP Guitars is about rethinking the design of a great guitar, and being respectful to the timbers used in making a fine instrument. I make art for the artist. For the most up to date info and latest guitar builds, please follow me on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.